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Did you know...

  1. .. that a fireworks display at Croke Park to a soundtrack compiled by U2 drummer Larry Mullen, Jr was one of the events held in honour of today's 125th anniversary of the GAA?
  2. ... that the 1937 Bankers' Toadies incident resulted in the imprisonment of Joseph Unwin, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta?
  3. .. that only 31 Vincent Grey Flash British motorcycles were ever produced?
  4. ... that Peter Sanders began his career as a professional association football player, switched to playing rugby union, and has subsequently spent forty years running a baseball club?

In the news

  • The Internet regulator ICANN approves plans to allow Unicode top-level domains for the first time.
  • The African Union, the European Union and the United States impose sanctions on Guinea's military junta leader Moussa Dadis Camara (pictured) and 41 members of the junta.
  • NASA's Ares I-X, the first test flight in the Ares I program, is launched successfully from the Kennedy Space Center.

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